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If it's something your reader won't easily forget, your essay will have a more lasting impression. This is when you look at the facts, definition (meaning of the issue or the nature of it quality (the level of

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But more often the implied comparisons do not need spelling out. And it reminds us, with its impenetrable battle strategies and complex cast of characters (there are too many people with the same name just how messy and

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Is the information relevant, reliable and credible? If you think that someone who is alcoholic is a manipulator, you might ignore their complaint that they are anxious or in pain, and miss the signs of delirium tremens.

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Cause of illiteracy essay

cause of illiteracy essay

early marriage. The following are the most frequent causes of illiteracy in adults: Parents with little schooling; Lack of books at home and lack of stimulation as to the importance of reading; Doing badly at or dropping out of schoolmany have not completed high school; Difficult living. Each and every contribution by a literate person can make a contribution to eradicate the menace. Retrieved August 25, 2006 from the unesco Web site:. Digital libraries can provide a good platform for those who live far away from urban centers to expand their knowledge base and become more informed. Awareness: Creating awareness about the importance of education can help people understand why they need to go to school. Owing to the closing of many companies over the past few years, especially in the manufacturing and primary sectors, these people have found themselves out of work, and are often unable to find a new job, because they have difficulty reading and writing.

cause of illiteracy essay

Short Paragraph on Illiteracy Short Essay on Illiteracy in India War against.
Model Cause, Effect, and Solution Research Essay Prompt: What are some causes and effects of illiteracy?
Title: Understanding and Solving the Problem.
Illiteracy in individuals stems from different, generally inter-related causes whi ch create a series of often insurmountable barriers for those concerned.
There are many reasons for illiteracy.

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In societies where the caste system is still in force, those who fall into the wrong caste may not get the opportunity to go to school. It uk dissertations database can become cyclic in such a way that even the third or fourth generation family members suffer the same fate. The women will teach their children, both male and female, who will in turn teach their children. Once more people in a society are literate, that society tends to develop further capacities, and further value literacy. Illiteracy in individuals stems from different, generally inter-related causes which, together, create a series of often insurmountable barriers for those concerned. This is known as intergenerational transmission of illiteracy. A study has stated that 59 percent of the schools do not have drinking water facilities. Kerala is a case in point. It may also be a means of raising money through dowry payments to support the rest of the family members. In the past, education was not required, but in this day, universal education is becoming a necessity. Poverty: Poor parents with low incomes find it difficult to pay school fees.